carolina janovik

I believe the power technology has to improve people’s lives. And I believe the power design has to enable and enhance these experiences. I believe making somebody’s life better by helping them solve a specific problem in a simple, elegant, and enjoyable way. I believe in empowering people through positive experiences.

I believe in iteration much more than the perfectionism of traditional craft culture. And I believe the most beautiful product, with the most delightful interactions won’t be relevant in somebody’s life if it doesn’t make sense as a product with a clear value proposition at first place.

But don’t get me wrong, I know the power of beauty and delight. I truly believe in everything that sparks emotion and helps building a relationship with a brand. Psychology and neuroscience fascinate me as a way to understand people’s behavior. Allied with the product’s value, this gives meaning to an experience.

I’ve been designing interactive experiences for more then a decade, and my passion is trying to make them meaningful. After some experiences in digital agencies, I worked or nearly six years in the UX design team of, the Internet branch of Grupo Globo, the biggest media conglomerate in Latin America. Then I lead projects at Huge Inc. for almost two years, mainly in the financial sector. Currently, I’m leading the design team at Isobar IWS. I have an Advertising and Digital Marketing academic background. When I’m not designing, I’m a proud aunt, hardworking yogi and ceramist wanna-be.